Let’s talk about…effort, determination and hard work

As a mom, teacher and mentor I have always told my children, students and mentees that nothing worth having comes easily. You have to work harder than you believe is possible in order to achieve the goal or live the dream.

When my daughter was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia at the age of five my belief in everything being possible if you just worked hard enough was tested. I fell into a pit of despair knowing that the chances of her ever being understood verbally were slim. Fortunately her determination to “speak like everyone else” was stronger than my initial desire to sit on a pity pot and cry that life wasn’t fair.

I won’t go into all the details, as there are far too many of them, but after years of hard work, effort, determination and enormous courage on my daughter’s part no-one would ever guess she has a speech disorder, let alone one as severe as verbal dyspraxia.

I learnt a valuable lesson from my daughter- no matter what the odds you still have to put in effort and hard work to improve. I was recently reminded of my daughter’s determination and effort when I saw Will Smith talk about the treadmill. She was either going to conquer the speech treadmill or die trying.


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