Let’s talk about…unpacking the PTCs.

At the beginning of the holiday, I joined a group of teachers who are collaborating to unpack the Practicing Teacher Criteria. Interesting times are afoot I think.

The group I am in is the Manaakitanga group, so called because the PTCs we are unpacking has this overarching theme from the Tataiako: Showing integrity, sincerity, and respect towards Māori beliefs, language, and culture. I’m really pleased to be in this group as I believe that whatever you do, it should be done with integrity, sincerity and respect.

Practicing Teacher

The two PTCs that we are unpacking are:

PTC 2. demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all ākonga

i. take all reasonable steps to provide and maintain a teaching and learning environment that is physically, socially, culturally and emotionally safe
ii. acknowledge and respect the languages, heritages and cultures of all ākonga
iii. comply with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements

PTC 7: promote a collaborative, inclusive and supportive learning environment

i. demonstrate effective management of the learning setting which incorporates successful strategies to engage and motivate ākonga

ii. foster trust, respect and cooperation with and among ākonga


So watch this space as we embark on  a road that has been less travelled.


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